21 July 2017

An Experience Shared by All

Last year I wrote a blog questioning peoples’ motives for travel and my own disdain for the word “tourist”. Originally, I wanted to title the post ‘Why I hate travelling alone’ but divulged into a pretentious post about tourism. Read it here.

I have never truly enjoyed travelling alone, hence why in the past I sought out volunteering organisations and made my way around the world. But for a long time, I wasn't able to place my finger on why. It was only recently upon watching one of 'School of Life's' incredible videos, where I realised it is related to our inability to convey the particularities of our emotions related to the experience in great detail to each other.
Arguably, it is much more pleasurable when you can enjoy the moment with someone else rather than in isolation. The reason being, that on your own you experience the event and simply move on. Sure you can savour and appreciate the moment, but moments are always fleeting. As described in the video, we attempt to translate our experience in words but it rarely does it any justice.

Hence why people are always too happy to bombard your feed with pictures of them at the beach or doing something adventurous. With the impact of social media and pocket sized cameras we try and share these experiences with everyone but it simply doesn't have the same profound impact.
We are only truly able to experience the same thing when we are there with someone. When it comes to choosing that person, heed Hemingway's words, 'never go on trips with anyone you don’t love.’

On that note, as I finish up my contract with the hospital next month, there will be some shared experiences coming soon.
Photos from a recent stay in an Ecolodge and trek in a Hmong village.

Luke T.

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  1. Well this is special. And also see you in August 🙃 I can't wait, Tavener

  2. I am with you on shared experiences being exponentially bigger (most of the time) than solo experiences. I am glad to have been able to share a bit of time with you. Best.

  3. So do you love her or do you love traveling with people?! SLK fan here confused????


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