9 January 2017

London's Calling... You Should Probably Answer

While back in the U.K. I travelled into London to visit a friend and stay at my Brother's new place. I have already expressed my feelings about big cities in some of my previous blogs (read here), but this time, pulling into London armed with my camera I noticed something different.
The issue with living in a big city, like London, is that you rarely get the opportunity to just stop and look, but when your objective is to take photos you get that chance. Take London St Pancras Station for example. Over 31 million passengers travelled through the station in 2015 and I myself have commuted through on numerous occasions yet not once had I stopped and studied Paul Day's, 'The Meeting Place' statue. 
Located on the second-floor entrance to the station, If any of you have been through St Pancras I'm sure you recognise the sculpture. However, it was what is below the sculpture that is most striking. Added in 2008, there are various detailed sculpted scenes depicting the history of the Tube and train.
Each panel tells it's own story, some showing people's daily commute, heartbreak, Soldiers departing and returning injured from war, but for me, the most shocking thing was that, as mentioned before, I can't count how many times I have commuted through St Pancras and never noticed these amazing sculptures. Even when showing these pictures to friends, no one could place where they are from despite everyone knowing the location of the statue. It goes to show that in all of our busy lives, filled with the pressures of keeping up with this 'modern world', it is important from time to time to stop and appreciate what is around us before it is gone.

Even the exterior of London St Pancras is pretty spectacular.
And just like what that other guy in St Pancras is always doing, be sure to look up, you never know what you might see.
Luke T.

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