22 December 2016

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

It is with a heavy heart to announce that soon I will be leaving GVI Laos. The past year has been full of ups and downs.
I have taught children from rural villages, Novices who come from far away for a chance of a better life and young girls who have experienced extremely traumatic things. All of these moments I will cherish and never forget.
I have met, trained and mentored volunteers from all around the world with very different lives, some I admire, others not so much... but it is finally time for a change. It's time for me to break routine. It's time for me to get back in front of the classroom.
In the new year I will begin working at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) as their resident English Teacher. I will be teaching the Lao Doctors and Nurses English, to enable them to compete in the global medical community.
That's right I will remain in Laos, at least for a bit longer. I am incredibly excited to start my new venture and can't wait to be teaching again.
But for now, tomorrow is just another day...
Or is it...
Luke T.

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  1. Leaving is always bittersweet, but on to new adventures! Congratulations.


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