3 October 2016

Person of Interest: Xeng Lee

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing an aspiring young Lao man, Mr. Xeng Lee. I first met Xeng Lee when I was volunteering with GVI Laos at the end of last year. As his teacher, from the get-go, he stood out to me and after speaking to him for just a short while everyone is in agreeance that there is definitely something special about him.

Upon returning to Luang Prabang I have had the honour of getting to know Xeng Lee even more. From traipsing around Boat Racing festival together, to late afternoon bicycle rides through Luang Prabang with him and his older sister, Xeng Lee has become one of the key reasons why I love Luang Prabang. His eagerness to learn and his inquisitive nature about the world is always inspiring for anyone, even for me. No day is ever a dull day with Xeng Lee, he always has the ability to bring a smile to my face and to those around him.

This weekend, myself, Tara and Monique were fortunate enough to be invited to visit Xeng Lee's home and village, located on the outskirts of Luang Prabang city, for dinner. Before we sat down for some delicious home cooked Lao food, Xeng Lee showed me his old primary school and I asked him some questions.
Oh and don't worry he eventually got his cake.

Luke T.

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  1. I think that Tara chick from the fabulous blog sillylittlekiwi.com should be your next person of interest.

  2. Damn I tried to leave that under a tricky name like you do...


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