7 August 2016

Breaking Routine

If you truly boil it down, all life comes down to is routine. Even at its most basic, we wake, eat and sleep. As much as you fight against it, routines are inevitable. Even in my position at the moment, every day is drastically different with new obstacles to overcome everyday (particularly true in regards to the last couple of months) yet I am still able to find routine here in Laos. 
My average day consists of waking, gym, breakfast, office, class, lunch, class, office, dinner, bed... rinse and repeat, with many problem solving situations throughout.

Nevertheless, routines aren't bad. They bring stability to life and let you master repeated tasks, but it is important to break routine from time to time to give you the opportunity to truly appreciate what you have and what you're doing.

I arrived back in Laos on 4th January this year and since then I have been working. Between the staff we joke that the job is "always on", but that's exactly what it is. At all times we are responsible for the volunteers, meaning that we can be disturbed at any hour of the night to handle issues, and that happens a lot more frequently than you might expect.

In an attempt to break routine, after seven months, I am finally going on holiday. Over the next two weeks I will be using my vacation time to travel to Cambodia and Vietnam,  before coming back to Laos for a few days off. As cliche as it sounds, I am worried I won't be able to turn "work mode" off. Yet it will be nice to spend some time with one of my good friends from home.

Although I am excited to visit and experience new places and cultures, I can't help but feel that I am most looking forward to coming back to Luang Prabang with a fresh 'out of routine' perspective. It will also be nice to show my friend rather just explains that I'm not just hanging around Luang Prabang enjoying the hot weather and food.

Rest assured blogs about my travels will be coming soon, but first, it is time for me to try and enjoy myself.

Luke T.

P.S. Sorry for the phone quality photos.

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