7 May 2016

About Me

Short Bio: An early 20’s blogger from the UK, living in Luang Prabang, Laos, trying to figure out this thing called life.

Long Bio: Like the majority of people of my generation I spent the first 21 years of my life blissfully working my way through the education system in an attempt to be qualified enough for one of those fabled ‘good jobs’. However, with my Politics degree in hand, it was now decision time, what ‘good job’ would I like to do? As it turns out to even be considered for one of these 'good jobs’, years worth of experience is now required. Combined with this predicament was the fact that I still wasn't sure what job I wanted to do.

After a few months of deliberation, fuelled mainly by laziness and self-doubt, I decided to start doing something productive with my time and began volunteering at a Lower School. Teaching was something that has always interested me and I really appreciated and enjoyed my time working as a teaching assistant. I wanted to combine this interest in teaching with my desire to travel, something which, other than family holidays, I had never really done.

This eventually led to my first big adventure, Zambia. After scouring the internet for hours, if not days, looking for the cheapest ways to volunteer and travel I stumbled upon VSO ICS. Travelling thousands of miles away from home to live with a host family for three months was very uncharacteristic of me, however, it was what I needed. You can read all about my time with VSO ICS here.

As soon as I arrived home, everything was different. I no longer wanted to be surrounded by people dealing with petty problems and would rather help those truly less fortunate than me. This promptly led me to book my next travels with GVI only a month and a half later. Read more about my time as a volunteer with GVI here.

As with everything you enjoy, time flew by and before I knew it I was back at square one. Home again in England with no clear idea of what I wanted to do. That was until a position to work with GVI in Luang Prabang, Laos came up. With Laos being my most favourite country I had visited from all of my travels I jumped at the opportunity to go back to work there. Read more about my time as a GVI Laos Staff Member here. I have been working in Luang Prabang since January 2016 and when people ask me what my plans are afterwards I explain that ‘that is future Luke’s problem, I’m simply focusing on the now.’

Luke T.

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