12 May 2016

A Newborn Baby Baci

Last weekend, GVI Laos volunteers and staff were invited to join in a traditional Baci ceremony celebrating the birth of a newborn baby. A truly inspiring man houses and cares for eight children, from various impoverished rural areas of Laos, providing them with the opportunity to have an education and seek employment inside Luang Prabang city. GVI Laos helps support these children through sponsorships and funds raised via the GVI Charitable Trust by paying for their tuition and providing essential needs. Last month they welcomed his third child to the family, bringing the total number of people living in his small, modest house to thirteen.

Despite their humble living conditions a lively Baci celebration was hosted with over sixty people in attendance. Upon arrival at a Baci, it is customary for each guest to donate a small sum of money or gifts towards the hosts. It is then tradition to consume a small piece of food or drink to signify that you are accepting and taking part in the celebrations.

The festivities included the plentiful consumption of traditional Lao foods, music from a live Lao band, along with a lot of singing and dancing. This time it was the students’ turn to become the teachers, demonstrating to the volunteers how to take part in the customary dances and describing the various local foods.

It was a truly unique experience for the volunteers to engage and take part in Lao culture and gain a glimpse into the typical lives of some of our students. It also provided an incredible opportunity for the students to practice their communication skills and guide us through their traditions.

Luke T.
Photos by Dora

(Bonus photo of me awkwardly holding the baby)

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  1. I like your writing style, Luke. It is just like having a conversation with you. I love the photo of you holding the baby. It would have been nice to a little more detailed description of the food, music and traditions. So glad that you are helping out in Laos. Best wishes, Sharon

    1. Thank you for the kind words Sharon. Next time I will try and be more descriptive! Thanks for reading.


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