9 July 2015

India - Third and Fourth Week

This week was my final week in India. I am currently sitting at Cochi airport waiting for my flight, after using up my remaining Rupees, while running on zero hours sleep. UPDATE: Now sitting at my gate at Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for my final flight to Phuket, now running on two hours sleep and only the random snack food I bought with my Rupees as the airplane food costs money and I dont have any on me. But not long to go now.

Thambu School
Saying goodbye to the children at Thambu School was very emotional, It was incredible to be able to witness how far they had progressed in four weeks and with it being such a small school I feel as though I was able to get to know every single child quite well. I am certainly going to miss their random english phrases and the energetic group sports sessions at the end of each day, which mainly consisted of picking up and swinging the little ones around.

Back Waters
On my last weekend we had a very chilled trip to South India's famous back waters. Cruising thorough scenic waters on a punt driven boat, learning about some of the local industries, enjoying a home made lunch served on a banana leaf and then proceeding through thinner valleys of water in a smaller boat was certainly one of the best ways to finish my time in India.

My whole experience in India has been amazing and will definetly be hard to top. I have met some truly incredible people here in India, both locals and volunteers but my journey continues as I embark onwards to Thailand!

Luke T.

(Will hopefully upload Film Everyday video some time soon)

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