28 June 2015

India - Second Week

Another week in India is over and another week at Thambu School has finished. Working at the school has become really enjoyabale, as I am starting to get to know the children really well and forming great relations with them, leading to a much more comfortable, passionate teaching and learning experience.

Other than school, we also go to Santhom, Tsunami hall, two times a week, where we provide a safe refuge for the local children to get involved in various sports activities and teach a wide-range of important life-skills. As a lot of children from Thambu School attend it is a great opportunity to interact with the children outside of school time and be able to meet more children from the nearby community.

We also visited Don Bosco orphanage this week. The orphanage is home to over fifty boys from various different backgrounds. Despite the cicumstances that led to the boys ending up there, each and every one of them were amazing. We were there to do sports with the kids and some were incredibly talented and they certainly showed me up on the basketball court.

We also had to say goodbye to the previous intake of volunteers this weekend. It was sad to see them go as we all became great friends in such a short space of time. My time here is going incredibly fast and it's hard to think that in less than two weeks time I will be starting all over again in Thailand. 

Luke T.

Bonus picture of Alannah the kitten on a wooden elephant.

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