12 June 2015

Fort Cochi, Kerala Initial Impressions

I have made it to India in one piece, the flights were not as bad as I expected, thanks to numerous episodes of Hannibal and my Vita. Despite a slight delay on my second plane the journey was relatively smooth, the ride to the hotel however was a completely different story. There is only one way of describing it, effin' mental. After speeding through the hectic streets, ignoring all road markings, overtaking and undertaking, weaving past mopeds and crammed full buses, I was taken aback when the driver pulled up infront of a ferry. Turns out the quickest way to reach Fort Cochi is via water.

After checking in at the hotel I was able to wonder around the area and get a glimpse into the local culture. It is an incredibly, wonderful coastal place, offering a lot to explore. But holy crap it is hot here. Even in their monsoon season, where the sky is mostly filled with clouds, even the simplest tasks, such as walking, can cause you to break out into a sweat.

I had a lot of free time, hence this blog post but I am just about to tuck into my first of many curries, before I get an early night, as I am meeting everyone tomorrow and currently running on 2 hours sleep.


Luke, T

(P.S. sorry for spelling mistakes the app doesn't auto-correct)

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