17 May 2015

We Go Again!

Next month I will be embarking on another 3 month adventure, galavanting round South Asia. I am volunteering with GVI (Global Vision International) and will be working on various projects focused on childcare and community development. I will be spending 4 weeks in India, Kerala, 4 weeks in Thailand, Phang Nga and 4 weeks in Laos, Luang Prabang.

Having to organise all my own flights, insurance, visas and first night accommodation has made me really appreciate VSO ICS's program, which arranged and paid for all of that, but has got me extremely excited. After spending 3 months in Zambia I feel much more prepared and comfortable in setting out on a similar volunteer adventure and I can not wait to carry on my travels!

I will be departing on 11th June and aim to keep updating this blog throughout the entire time (internet dependent) and will hopefully be able to upload a little side project I have been working on.

Thanks to anyone who actually bothers to read this :D

Luke T.

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