22 April 2015

I Am Home - Some Statistics

My time out in Zambia is finally over. The past 11 weeks have truly been an incredible, unique journey. I have met so many inspiring people, seen some wonderful sites and I have developed so much as a person. I still have a few blog posts in the works but wanted to post some figures in the amount of people my team in Choma have reached out to during our time away.

Community Action Day (CAD) Statistics
As alluded to in a previous post, as part of our time in Choma we had to carry out CADs, where we coordinated certain event as an entire team and reached out to the public on various issues effecting them.

CAD #1 - International Women's Day - 9th March
Four stalls were set up in Makalanguzu Market where specific women's issues were discussed with the public.

Gender Based Violence stall - 450 people
Importance of Education - 200
Contraception - 111
Maternal Health - 165

Male Condom Distributed - 2284
Female Condom Distributed - 535

CAD #2 - Youth Day - 12th March
The team joined the local Youth Day march that concluded with a stall set up at the final destination

Male Condom - 864
Female Condom - 20
HIV tested - 85

CAD #3 - Shampande Clinic - 19th March
Stalls set up at a local clinic discussing gender based violence, education and sexual reproductive health (SRH).

People spoken to - 484
Male Condom - 5,247
Female Condom - 1,180

CAD #4 - Shampande Clinic 2 - 25th March
Same as the previous CAD just on a different day to target a different audience of people.

People spoken to - 540
Male Condoms - 3,534
Female Condom - 550

CAD #5 - Makalanguzu Market - 30th March
Stall set up in Makalanguzu Market again but with a focus on HIV and AIDS and SRH awareness.

Male Condom - 2,304
Female Condom - 420

CAD #6 - Mwapona Wells 1st-7th April
Over six different days the team visited the one of Choma's most impoverished areas, Mwapona, and proceeded on foot to map out locations of unprotected wells, where locals source drinking, washing and farming water, to help solidify research for a fund proposal to help combat dysentery and diarrhoea illnesses, which will be produced later by a member of the team, Sennan Mattar.

Number of wells visited - 231

An example of an unprotected Well
CAD #7 - Njase Sports Day - 3rd April
The team attended a regional sports day and spoken to a number of people on various issues affecting young people, such as HIV and AIDS, STIs and hygiene.

People spoken to - 841

CAD #8 - Sanitary Pads - 8th April
Members of the team held a workshop on how to make homemade, reusable sanitary pads.

Attendance - 15 people
Schools/Organisations represented - 5

CAD #9 - Networking - 10th April
A networking event was held to create greater cooperation between the organisations that work within Choma.

Attendance - 11 people

Organistions represented - 4

CAD #10 - Peace Corps Camp Elite - 14th April
We were invited to facilitate some session at a Peace Corp boys camp from members of various rural villages.

Children - 25
Mentors - 12

Overall Statistics
The CADs were only one part of the impact we had on Choma. Here is a list and visualisations of the total statistics, our whole group contributed to including all of our statistics from placements.

 Total number of session we delivered - 56

Total number of people HIV tested - 364

Total number of people spoken to - 6,437

Total number of Condoms Distributed - Male 33,859, Female 3,208

Through all of our hard work and dedication we have produced some incredible figures. It just goes to show how much impact a team of 20 volunteers can have in as little as 11 weeks but also how we all maintain the capacity to really change the world we live in.

Thank you to everyone who has read any of my blogs, it has been really enjoyable to be able to share my Zambian experience and it is now time to adapt back to normal UK life.

Luke T.

(Here is a video I shot while away that I still find funny today)

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