13 December 2014

Fundraising Update

Hot Drinks and Cake Sales
One of my stall locations, in The Lodge
I have been very busy selling hot drinks and cakes at the start and end of school and each Key Stage's Christmas productions over the past two weeks. These sales have generated an amazing total of £319.84 so far! One thing this experience has opened my eyes up to is the generosity inside some people. I have had many parents donate to my cause without asking for anything, as well as an individual who shook my hand and handed me £2 while exclaiming his respect for my dedication and effort towards the cause. Already this journey has taught me new skills, as I have effectively set up and started my own small-scale business and has left even more excited to see the impact of all of my efforts when I travel abroad.
Some of the cakes generously donated

Future Fundraising
Santa Runs
Tomorrow morning I will be participating in the first of my organised 5K Santa runs at Bedford. As I haven't had much chance to go out and train due to being extremely busy and suffering from various illnesses (the cost of working in a Lower School) over the past weeks I may be running at a slower pace but I am still committed to finishing the run as fast as I can. I am them hoping to do another 5K run during the week and finish with my last 5K Santa run next Sunday (21st). This will mean I am effectively completing three 5K runs in the space of 8 days and I am aiming to beat my personal best each time.

Christmas Dinner
I am also hosting (i.e. my parents are hosting) Christmas Dinner for my friends tomorrow. Many have already given generously, having raised £130 so far. I am looking forward to an afternoon of merriment, exchanging our secret Santa gifts and a delicious Christmas dinner!

VSO Training Weekend in Bath
Delays everywhere!
Finally, I had my VSO training weekend in Bath last weekend. After, what was supposed to be a 3 hour journey took me a total of 5 and a half hours, it was amazing to finally meet the people I will be spending 11 weeks with next year! The training weekend was extremely useful and has left me realising how much I have yet to sort out before February. Bring on the vaccinations.... yay!

Once again be sure to donate online at my JustGiving Donation Page and thank you for all of the support!
Only 51 days to go!

Luke T.

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