1 December 2014

Fundraising Activities

My Fundraising T-Shirt
As stated in my previous blog, I need to raise £1,500 for VSO, an amount I am already on the way to achieving (currently sitting at 25% complete), and I have various fundraising activities to help me reach this target, as listed below:

I've got the Runs
I have signed up to participate in three organised 5K runs throughout December, however I cannot attend the first as I will be attending my training weekend but I plan to run 5K at a different time to compensate. I will post when these events are on my Facebook and Twitter pages, along with my completion time and a (hopefully) celebratory photo!

Mr T's Teas and Coffees
Starting tomorrow I will begin selling Teas, Coffees and Hot Chocolates before and after school time at Wootton Lower School, the school I am currently volunteering at. This will hopefully carry on right up until the end of term.

Christmas Production Cakes
I will also be selling these Teas, Coffees and Hot Chocolates at each Key Stage's christmas productions, along with a selection of cakes, made by myself and donated from various sources.

I have a few more fundraising activities in the works and will keep updating progress on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Be sure to donate online at JustGiving Donation Page.

Luke T.

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